Our Company

BeFair Sourcing is a pioneer in the provision of HR solutions, with a rapid growth rate, a leading service distribution network throughout Greece and reliable partners.

The Philosophy and Values of Befair Sourcing

At our company, we believe that people are the fundamental foundation of a competitive business and we build trust through a commitment to developing a healthy work environment by offering the best possible experience to our candidates and clients.

Our values are based on transparency for an environment of trust, professionalism and integrity to ensure sound HR decisions and solutions, and effective communication to understand the needs, goals and values of our candidates and clients.


Our company’s services are addressed both to employers who are looking for the most suitable personnel, and to candidates who are seeking a job in an absolute quality environment.


The perception, knowledge and experience of BeFair Sourcing’s people for business needs, combined with the quality recruitment and assessment methods used by our company, enable us to match the right person with the ideal job, in order to achieve excellent business results for our clients.


The goal of BeFair Sourcing is to cover jobs, for temporary or permanent needs and to provide stable solutions to organizations of all sizes, promoting business flexibility and competitiveness, while aiming to ensure the best possible working environment with respect and mutual trust for human resources.

befair eyresh ergazwmenou athina
“BeFair Sourcing’s established team provides its services to large, medium and small organisations across the full range of business sectors while responding efficiently and directly to market needs.”
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Our mission..

The success of our partners by targeting the success and satisfaction of their Human Resources.

BeFair Sourcing manages all its partners and its human resource base through a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. The CRM system includes strategy, practices and technology, with the aim of providing direct and reliable services and improving our customer-centric philosophy. We focus on the human factor, whether it is a customer, a service user or a partner.

Frequently asked questions ( FAQ)

If you have additional questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

BeFair sourcing® offers a range of services to support job seekers in their career development. Some of our services include resume writing and optimization, interview coaching, career counseling, job search strategy development, networking assistance, and access to our extensive database of job listings.

We can help you in a number of ways throughout your job search journey. Our team can provide you with personalized coaching, review and improve your resume and cover letter, offer interview preparation sessions, and help you develop effective job search strategies. In addition, we can connect you with relevant employment opportunities through our extensive network and database of job postings.

We cater to job seekers in many industries and job sectors. Our team is made up of experts with different backgrounds and knowledge in different sectors, allowing us to provide support and assistance to jobseekers in a wide range of industries.

Absolutely! Our team can review and optimize your resume and cover letter to ensure they effectively showcase your skills, experience and accomplishments. We can provide valuable feedback and suggestions to make your application stand out to potential employers.

You can contact us by email at info@befair-sourcing.com, call [+30] 210 4117 771 or visit our office during business hours. We are here to help you and provide you with the support you need.